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Holistic and Beauty Therapies 

Decleor Facials

Ultimate Vitamin Glow

Award-winning vitamin facial to leave your skin visibly radiant.

60 minutes, £45.00

This internationally renowned, multi-award winning facial is power-packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants. Stress simply melts away thanks to five deeply relaxing massage techniques and the ideal rebalancing aromatic elixir for your complexion. Our deliciously warm and decongesting mask softly cocoons the skin, providing the perfect environment for it to flourish. Skin is left deeply cleansed, perfectly replenished and glowing with vitality.

Moisture Quench

Deeply hydrating facial for super-soft skin.

1 hour 15 minutes, £55.00

Super-hydrating and able to quench even the thirstiest of skins, this deeply moisturising treatment includes a gently effective exfoliation to leave skin smooth, velvety and perfectly prepped for our nourishing Aromessencee Neroli serum. A nutrient-rich mask drenches skin with soothing, moisture loving ingredients for a complexion that's rehydrated, supple and cashmere soft.

Oxygenating Pure & Matt

Intensely balancing and detoxifying for visible clarity.

1 hour 15 minutes, £55.00

This mattifying facial targets spots, blemishes, open pores and excessive shine. Includes a balancing and deeply oxygenating power mask to bring instant clarity to dull, devitalised skin; a three-stage massage ritual also intensively detoxifies, relaxes and refines uneven texture. Brings previously oily, combination and dull skin back to life leaving it luminous, crystal clear, beautifully matte... and completely flawless.

Divine Nutrition

Deliciously cocooning and nourishing  to comfort and repair.

1 hour 15 minutes, £55.00

The end of dry, flaky skin, our ultra-nourishing facial deeply soothes, repairs and renews. Chestnut Extract boosts crucial lipid production and micro-circulation while nourishing Geranium and Rose feed skin with vital nutrients. By locking-in moisture, complexions are also strengthened against wind, rain and cold making it ideal for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors. Even the driest complexions are left supremely supple, comfortable and satin smooth.

Harmonie Calm

Desensitises and reinforces stressed, fragile and reactive skins.

1 hour 15 minutes, £55.00

This intensely soothing treatment instantly relieves irritated complexions. Acting like a calming comfort blanket, Blueberry extract soothes angry, sore skin; a cooling Algae plasticizing mask peels away to reveal a calmer, smoother surface, redresses all types of sensitivity whether doe to stress, poor diet, illness, medication or simply general fatigue. Skin becomes clear, soothed and more resilient to environmental aggressions.

White Radiance

Vitamin C-packed facial for sheer brilliance.

1 hour 15 minutes, £55.00

Exclusive and advanced Vitamin C technology is applied twice during this brightening facial to help restore luminosity, lighten pigmentation marks and turbo-charge cell regeneration. A potent radiance revealing mask targets all causes of uneven skin tone including pregnancy, menopause and sun damage, correcting and regulating fora positive difference. Skin reclaims its natural fresh-faced finish... perfection for any special occasion.

Discovery Facial

The effective rescue remedy for perfectly radiant skin.

30 minutes, £30.00

Discover what makes DECLEOR facials world famous with this divine 'taster'. When you're short of time and want to bring back an irresistibly healthy complexion, this is the perfect rescue remedy. For rapid results, your expert therapist uses a combination of massage, essential oils and a gentle polish to smooth and revitalise tired skin leaving it fresh and radiant instead.

DECLEOR Advanced Anti-Ageing Facials

Three technologically advanced facials to fight every concern, each with bright and blissful rituals. Based on 40 years of skincare expertise and utilising the latest technological breakthroughs in anti-ageing care, they bring a new lease of light to maturing complexions, offering dramatic improvement in skin tone and clarity.

Hyaluronic Acid Wrinkle Resist

1 hour 15 minutes, £65.00

The secret to eternal youth! Using hyaluronic acid - one of the most effective anti-ageing ingredients - plus powerful youth-boosting botanicals, this pampering facial intensively targets lines and wrinkles. This potent wrinkle-smoothing mask is packed with anti-oxidants and galanga extract to lift, plump and firm while gentle exfoliation refines skins texture. Offering dramatic and immediate results, expression lines and wrinkles are smoothed to ensure skin looks luminous.

Collagen Plump and Lift

Ultimately effective anti-ageing facial leaving the skin plumper and firmer.

1 hour 15 minutes, £65.00

Luxurious as well as highly targeted to fragile zones, this facial includes our ultimately effective 'lifting' massage to recharge skin tissues. Youth activating formulads then infuse the skin with naturally energising ingredients to help kick-start its natural renewal process; an indulgent and collagen-rich mask ensures skin feels plumped and tightened too. The result? A flawless, youthful new radiance.

Advanced Sculpt and Lift

Triple performance to eliminate wrinkles, loss of tone and dryness.

1 hour 15 minutes, £65.00

Wrinkle correcting, radiance boosting and visibly plumping, our advanced solution to anti-ageing gives outstanding results. Concentrating on improving lines, loss of firmness, dryness and sensitivity, it rehydrates and strengthens from within. Includes the exclusive Excellence Sculpting Massage to focus on key areas - eyes, face, neck, chest and arms. Using our toning and re-energising Qi Booster plus the premium excellence range, it stimulates collagen production to invigorte, recharge and firm skin for a new luminosity.

Vital Eyes

Anti-ageing and visibly plumping for a smoother eye zone.

45 minutes, £30.00

Delicately nurturing the most sensitive and delicate part of the face, this specialised treatment is fatigue fighting, moisture quenching and wrinkle erasing. DECLEOR's unique toning eye technique stimulates micro-circulation and encourages cell renewal while an intensely repairing, anti-ageing eye mask also decongests and de-puffs. Leaves even contact lens wearers, hay fever sufferers and smokers with a dramatically brighter, younger looking eye zone.